Our winter service package offer has now expired.

We’ll reopen the winter service package offer towards the end of 2022. 

Prepare your bike with our winter service package

only £30 inc VAT

It’s that time of year again. The cold has started to creep in looks like it’s here to stay.
Unfortunately we can’t do much about the weather but we can help to get your bike ready for the winter months.
For a limited time we are offering a £30 winter service. This includes:
– Gear and brake adjust
– Components checked for play
– Bolt torque check
– Chain and cassette wear check
– Cable health check (replaced if necessary, cables at extra cost)
– Wheels checked
– Tyre health check
– Full safety report

Contact us to get your bike booked in and winter ready.

Our Year-Round Services

We also offer the following packages which start at £35 +VAT. We can also offer individual services such as fitting a new tube. *All service package prices are for labour only, any additional parts required will be charged for separately.

We perform nine tasks for this quick and economic package
£35 +VAT
  • Bolt torque check, Brake pad check, Drivetrain wear check, Tyre check, Rim check, Wheels trued, Gear indexing, Brake adjustment and Headset check.
We perform all of the bronze service package tasks, plus the following additional items
£50 +VAT
  • Bottom bracket check, Drivetrain degreased and re-lubricated, Seatpost removed, cleaned and greased.
Our premium package includes every service from Bronze and Silver packages, plus the following additional items
£80 +VAT
  • Headset serviced, Hubs serviced, New cable set fitted, New bar tape fitted.

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