Nutritional Products

Enervit Nutrition offer an outstanding line of nutritional supplements for endurance sports, ideal for using when competing in triathlon events. We have an exceptional selection of Enervit Energy products to fit the needs of triathletes of all levels. Enervit Sport specialise in providing nutrition products that aid your performance, fuelling you before and during events and aiding your recovery to combat fatigue after racing. Whether you are looking for isotonic gels, energy tabs or protein bars and recovery drinks, Enervit provide all the supplements you need for competing in triathlons. Browse the wide variety of Enervit Nutrition products now to take advantage of the fantastic prices and deals on offer.

Kendal Mint Cake was the original ‘energy bar’, it has climbed Mount Everest, crossed the Antarctic and even helped keep the army on the move. Together with Quiggins, an original manufacturer and also an informed sport BRC AA grade production facility.

We have created a great range of outstanding evolutionary products for today’s sport nutrition, supplements and vitamins sectors, that are not only packed with additional benefits but taste fantastic too.

Be prepared be your best. It is so important to fuel your body in the correct way. Like a car without fuel, you’re not going to get very far! The right levels of fuel will get you where you want to be.

The human body is exactly the same, it needs fuel to perform. This is equally important when we consider the quality of physical activity, ensuring that you are at your best maximising the associated benefits!

You’ll find our range has every eventuality covered. Fuelling before, during and even after exercise Our range is designed to complement different sports and activities, with the various methods of deliverability catered for.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Active Root is a sports drink company committed to delivering innovative natural sports drinks to athletes of all levels. They use natural root ginger to help athletes keep their stomachs settled and balanced during exercise. They aim to improve athletic performance with a product made only from natural ingredients.

Ginger has been used to cure nausea and sea sickness since ancient Chinese times. However, until now, its athletic performance benefits have never been properly applied. Active Root uses natural root ginger in all its products to help soothe the stomach and prevent gastric discomfort before, during and after exercise. Studies have shown that 30%-50% of endurance athletes suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. 

All four of the ingredients in Active Root are familiar and natural: unbleached cane sugar, citric acid, sea salt and natural root ginger. They have configured these ingredients into a formula that helps keep the body balanced, fuelled and hydrated for longer than similar products.