We’re stoked to announce that Josh has now completed his coast to coast fund raiser for Blythe House! We would like to thank all of his supporters, receiving £625 in donations. We’d also like to thank Blythe House Hospice for all the fantastic work they continue to do for our community.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to promote another fund raiser for our friend Tom Thornly of Buxton Cycling Club, who was unfortunately hit by a car whilst out cycling this week.

Josh and his fearless companion Jake started on the East coast near Ravenglass, following the 87 mile coastal route up to Carlisle.

Day two saw the lads follow Hadrian’s Wall Cycleway for 40 miles before stopping in a little village called Once Brewed, home to a brewery called Twice Brewed. A selection of local refreshments were sampled.

On day three Josh and Jake covered 53 miles, following the route along the River Tyne. They landed at Tynemouth Castle and Priory after six and a half hours cycling.

Thanks again to Blythe House and everyone who has supported this event. You can see more statistics from the event on Josh’s Strava Profile – day 1, day 2 and day 3.

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