How does Active Root ginger make you feel better during exercise? 

Ginger contains a compound called gingerol which is a relative of the compounds found in chilli peppers and tumeric. Gingerol helps sooth the stomach by relaxing the muscles in the gut so that stomach contents are released into the small intestine. It also has a calming effect, so it helps get rid of excess gas and as a result reduces bloating and stomach discomfort. The ginger that Active Root uses has been specially selected because of its high gingerol ratio. 
Active Root ginger contains 204mg of ginger root extract the equivalent of 4g of raw ginger. That’s well above the threshold daily amount proven to prevent nausea (1.1-1.5grams according to research done by the US National Institute of Health).


Why does this help me perform better?

Active Root helps settle the stomach and prevent bloating. Studies have shown that up to 90% of athletes experience some form of gastric discomfort during exercise, whether it’s pre-race nerves before, feeling sick during the event or bloating afterwards. (De Oliveira & Jeukendrup, 2013). 


Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Active Root is a sports drink company committed to delivering innovative natural sports drinks to athletes of all levels. We use natural root ginger to help athletes keep their stomachs settled and balanced during exercise. We aim to improve athletic performance with a product made only from natural ingredients.

Active Root is used by athletes of all standards, from professional marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes and OCR racers to amateur sports enthusiasts and week-night joggers. We also work with multiple team sports clubs. Our products are available online as well as from sports retailers, pharmacists and outdoor stores.

The Active Root mascot is Ginger the fox. We chose Ginger after an encounter with a fox on the Edinburgh Meadows during a market research tasting session. He shot across the grass at a rate of knots, avoiding dogs and pedestrians then sprang over a wall. We were impressed. Now he is our good luck charm at all events we do!