Congratulations to Abby Scales, Bronze medallist at the World Age group Duathlon Championships!

We’ve been sponsoring Abby since the start of 2021. She is a local athlete representing Great Britain in the Age Group Sprint Duathlon Team. You can find out more about her in this post from last year.

Now the dust has settled, we’ve caught up with Abby to find out how it feels to be a medal winner and what her plans are for 2022.

  • Congratulations on your success at the end of last year. How does it feel, and how have your prospects as an athlete changed since the championships?

I didn’t expect to race as well as I did let alone win a medal. It came as a big surprise. I had no idea I had finished 3rd until my family rang me as soon as I’d finished. A medal at the Worlds was my plan for 5 years time, so to achieve this at my first World Championships was incredible. I don’t feel my prospects as an athlete have changed, I’m just even more motivated.

  • What events do you have coming up this year? Will you be making any changes to your training and routine?

I have a few qualify races for next years events coming up in March and April. I will let you know how I get on. The World Championships are June in Romania. I also have the Europeans in September in Spain. I will be adding more strength training to my training but keeping the main plan the same.

  • It’s great to see the Peak Ascent Cycles logo on your kit as you represent Great Britain. How has Peak Ascent helped you to prepare and perform?

Pat and the team are super helpful. They serviced my race bike the week before the Worlds, we (Josh) discovered a problem with my wheels. Pat and josh worked very hard to make sure my bike was safe and race ready in time. Pat has also helped me get some awesome kit from CCN Sport. Which I have been riding in over winter and its super warm.

  • When you’re not winning medals, you work at @yhacastleton – how does this compliment your training and performance?

I plan my training days around how I feel, I do have to take into consideration how active I am at work, I’m an outdoor instructor. If I have a walk to do at work, I make sure I either have an active recovery day that day or do a light session, to prevent fatigue.

  • What advice do you have for other aspiring local athletes? And what would you say to people who are just starting out on their cycling journey?

The most important thing as an athlete is to enjoy your training and have rest days. For people starting out on their cycling journey I would recommend finding a nice route with lovely views. Don’t worry about speed or distance, we all start somewhere. Enjoy it and take some snacks!

So there we have it! Thank you very much to Abby for taking the time to keep us updated. With qualification races this month and next, then World and European Championships later this year, I hope everyone will join us in supporting Abby as she represents team GB.

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